"I, Daniel Blake".  Topics ...

I./ Residual unemployment   

Work is people's purpose, a driving force. It's the reason Daniel
gets up every day and does what
he does. Say a few words about him:
Biography, age, job, place of living, sudden health problem.
Most importantly,
it keeps pushing him to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.
Describe this person 's story... --What is residual unemployment? 

II./ The UK's Welfare System.

Try & answer those questions :
-Who is John Osborne? Say a few words about his 2010 policy.
-What's a Welfare system?
-What is a Work capacity  Assessment?
What happened
to William as regards this"test"?
-What is the employment protection you
may get if you are unemployed?
What are the conditions for receiving the job
Seeker's allowances
Is Daniel concerned?
Why? Why not?

-What does the Employment and Support Allowance
stand for?

-What is the Job seeker's Allowance?

And... finally, what does the film  reveal about the real employment figures in Britain's

III./ Human Values defended in this movie.

Film Makers & Directors are more than just concerned about doing business.  Each person brings something different to the team, but there are a core set of values we all share. This movie seems to defend a certain number of them inside an austerity society of a bureaucratic Welfare System.
Qualities like
-Friendship, mutual aid,
social justice, etc. 
Explain in you own words those values.
Are they essential
in a modern society?
Analyse the end of the film. 
Why did Daniel say : "I am not a blip on a computer screen or a  a national insurance number, I am a man."

IV./ Analysis of  he Film : "I, Daniel Blake".

Say  a few words about :
4.1/The film release poster (describe it briefly), 4.2/ The type of film (genre), 4.3/ The film Director, 4.4./ Writer, 4.5./ The Starring (Hayley Squires, Dave Johns), 4.6/ The Music, 4.7./ The Awards ...