1ères Spé.  AMC


Last year at the end the semester we worked on the Design and Gardens project. We focused on our high school collection of trees and exotic plants. We worked on the light, 
the harmony of colors, some students made videos about a plant or a tree of our school garden which integrates a strong, powerful and positive framework. A sense of unity has been created so as we walk through our garden... we notice changes of levels, views and most importantly changes of the garden itself.     

April 2023.

Hi there. Welcome to the typewriter ribbon Newsletter made more specifically for 1ère
Spé. (lycée).
This 2nd edition has a rather Italian flavor, as our 2nd documentary, which deals with 
Leonardo da Vinci, dominates our agenda. 

Updated 08:12 Central European Summer Time (CEST)
14th April, 2023

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The Key to languages

Topics : culture, feminism (the history of right to vote in the
U.S.), racism, immigration and
minorities etc.


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Pop Art
This form of modern art makes 
art out of the consumer goods.
This movement was led by Andy Wahrol who was the first "business artist" . 
His message was 
that the whole world is a product convertible to cash: Marylin, Brillo,
Campbell's soup cans, cows, Elvis etc. Warhol's Marylin (1964) was sold at a record price of $ 17.3 million!