Les adverbes - Corrigé 

Niveau 1 :
Mettez l'adverbe entre parenthèses à la place
qui convient. 
Ex.  Betty works at school (very well) 
       ➡ Betty works very well  at school.
1.  I have been to Sweden (never).
     I have  never been to Sweden.

2.  We get up before seven (rarely).
     We rarely get up before seven.
3.  I heard about it this morning (first).
     I first heard about it this morning.
4.  How do the trains run (often)?
     How often do the trains run?
5.  My copy-book is in the room (somewhere).
6.  You'll be surprised (sometimes).
     You'll sometimes be surprised.
7.   I will drive her home (certainly).
      I will certainly drive her home.
8.  He came and spoke (then).
     He came and then spoke.
9.  They addressed me (hatefully).
     They addressed me hatefully.
10. I find him nice (frankly).
      Frankly, I find him nice.