Exercices sur les questions et les mots interrogatifs

Niveau 1/2
Mettez les mots dans l'ordre
2. presents/How/receive/did/many/you/?
3. evening/Who/with/spent/you/the/?
4. was/What/like/the parcel/?
5. it/was/and/red/big

Niveau 2/2
Write the question which corresponds to each answer.
   She can speak German.
2.    He will go to New Zealand next year.
3.    Carol & Deborah are coming tomorrow. Their mother arrived very late yesterday.
4.    Nothing happened.
5.    Robert has done a great job since last summer.
6.    They have a nice house.
7.    Steve has many brothers and sisters.
8.    Brenda said she would be late.
9.    They prefer tea to coffee.
10.  You're going out  tonight.
11.  The unemployment rate has come down in Britain.
12.  Your parents will never leave their country.