Corrigé des exercices (discours indirect)  🌵

I./ Transposez en utilisant l'amorce. 

1. Don't sit down! He told me not to sit down.
2. I'll see you later. He said that he would see me later.
3. Did you see them yesterday? He asked if they/(he/she/you) had seen them the day before.

II./ Du discours direct au discours indirect. Rapportez au discours indirect...

ex. He said : "I'll tell you soon."              He said that he would call us soon.
discours direct -
He said : "I am fine."     
(prétérit)  ➡ He said (that) he was fine.

He said : "I enjoyed myself at the party."
(had + participe passé)
➡He said (that) he had enjoyed himself at the party.

(present perfect)
He said : "I have visited India three times."
(had + participe passé)

He said that he had visited India three times.

(Will + verbe - renvoi à l'avenir)
He said: "I will not go."
(would + verbe)
He said that he would not go.