Corrigé des exercices

I.  Use reported speech:
1. I think I'll be late.
    She said she thought she'd be late.
2. What time do you think they will arrive?
    She asked what time I thought they would arrive.
3. Shall I find another job?
    She wondered whether she would find another job.
4. We'll do it as soon as we are ready.
    They said they'd do it as soon as they were ready.
5. I'll lend you the book as soon as I've read it.
    She told me she'd lend me the book as soon as she 'd read it.
6. He'll be watching his favorite show when we arrive.
    She was sure he'd be watching his favorite show when we arrived.
7. What will you be doing while you're staying here?
    She asked her what she'd be doing while she was staying there.
8. As long as our investigation has not been completed we will not release any
    They said (that) as long as their investigation had not been completed they would
    not release any information.
9. Nobody will ever get the document.
    She wondered whether anybody would get the document.
10. I'll never remember where I've left it.
      She asked herself whether  she'd ever remember where she'd left it.

II. Complete these "if" sentences:
1. If we can stop deforestation the rain forest  will be saved
2. If we reduce air pollution the ozone layer will not be destroyed
3. If there was more justice there would be less violence
4. If everyone had a job the homeless would find homes
5. If these boys had had families they would have not become delinquents
6. If these people had felt welcome they would have not lived in ghettos
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