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Editor:  Geneviève                                                    🐠  

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Young woman thinking






In memory of my father, whose sufferings inspired my
yearning for a World at Peace, and who taught me
the pleasure of learning 

" T h e   t r a c e   i s   w o r t h   i t ..."     💬 


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  English blog  🌵
  Copyright Jimdo@2021-24


                                                                            W h y   t h i s   B l o g  ?     🐠

Spoken language is essential but ephemeral. Writing is probably humanity greatest invention. Symbols have encoded our speech and thoughts.   Without them, there would be no trace of history and no civilization as we know it.  The question is :
"Are we today, in the computer age, moving toward a 'UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE' of equal signs and symbols?".
"I don't think so! "
Endless  debates, (epic)poems, (mini)sagas, (short)stories, (newspaper)articles, diaries, cartoons, books will always be spoken, pronounced, sketched, written, translated & read for both our pleasure and enlightenment as they are the reflection of the human thought.
That is the simple, if surprising idea of this blog.     

Geneviève  F.

English blog  🌵 

Copyright Jimdo @2021-2024